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It's all about the words!

Copy is everywhere. On websites, signs, newspaper ads, emails, scripts for commercials. Messaging matters when you want a consumer to take action and buy your product or service, but not everyone has a way with words. 

I love the process of finding the right words to get the message across to an audience in a way that draws people in. Great copy can lead to more conversions for your business, so why would you settle for subpar writing in your marketing? I would be thrilled to talk with you about how effective copywriting can help your business thrive!

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What Does Your Business Need?


Effective emailing and/or email funnels can turn interested consumers into loyal customers. Every email campaign needs compelling copy that "sells" your brand, creates trust between you and your customers, and convinces the readers to make purchases.


Your business' website is so important in drawing in customers. Nowadays, most consumers check out a website before they decide to make a purchase. The pages of your website are a huge opportunity to connect with potential customers, so don't settle when it comes to your messaging online.


Whether you know what it is or not, your brand has a certain tone of voice. When one company has copy in different places that does not follow the same tone, it can feel disjointed and lead to confusing messaging. Having a brand tone guide that unifies your copy across all media helps to build trust and familiarity with customers.


Let's be honest, there are some websites out there that are less effective than others. An evaluation of your website's copy can help to determine the best ways to engage with customers well and persuade them to purchase from your business.


Newsletters and blogs, although not always having a direct call to make a purchase, are effective when it comes to selling your brand. Entertaining, informing, or inspiring your customers, and even your employees, can help to build that trust and familiarity towards your company.


While online advertising is growing, there is always a role for print advertising. Sales letters, direct mail, newspaper ads, magazine ads, and other forms are effective ways of getting your business' offers into consumers' hands. As a result, you need convincing copy that grabs the attention of the reader.

How else can I help you? Head to my contact page and send me a message to start a conversation about what copywriting can do for your business.

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Below are copywriting samples that I have completed. A "spec ad" is an imagined project that has not been paid for by a company.

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