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Having worked in youth ministry for five years, I understand the importance of personal relationships, building trust, and storytelling. As a copywriter, I can help your business grow by building the trust that customers have in your company through story-telling. Nothing is more important than this relationship, and copy that tells a story that connects with the consumer on an emotional level is key to convincing them to choose your brand.

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To be honest, I never seriously considered becoming a writer until 2021. I had always enjoyed writing, even studied Communication in college, but had no plans to write as a career. In the midst of my most recent job, many people had told me how much they love reading the newsletter updates that I send out once or twice a month. 

What I realized is that I really enjoy telling stories that connect with an audience. Sometimes, the purpose of that story is to simply inspire and entertain. Other times, the story ended with a call to action such as attending an event or supporting the ministry. 

It wasn't until recently that I discovered what copywriting was and that I had essentially been doing it for several years. Copywriting allows me to write with the purpose of connecting to an audience. When the reader sees something that addresses their deeper desires and needs, it is the copywriter's role to connect those needs to the solutions that a product or service can provide.

I am very excited about the potential to help businesses market themselves and their products to consumers through compelling copy. If you are looking to connect with your customers and grow your business, head to the Contact page and shoot me a message!

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