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3 reasons why I'm a copywriter

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Until a couple of months ago, I didn't even know what a copywriter was. If someone said the word to me, I would've guessed it was some person sitting in an office handling trademark applications. If the word was written down and I got to see the spelling, my next guess would have been someone who re-writes or re-types content that they are given. The actual job of a copywriter was completely foreign to me.

Fast forward to right now, and I am diving into this thing as a potential career through freelancing. How in the world did I get here so fast?! I'll tell you how...Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook definitely is watching me, because as it turns out, being a copywriter includes three things that I really enjoy; learning, writing, and helping others. So when I started seeing multiple ads on my Facebook feed about copywriting, I was curious enough to click. And boom! I was hooked, and started to seriously consider becoming a copywriter. Alright, time to get to what the title is about.

First, I love to learn. And I absolutely LOVE learning a new skill. As a copywriter, when doing a project, I have to do research into the client and their business to find out what their needs are and how my writing could help them. That means I get to do even more learning. Part of my job will be to always be learning more about advertising techniques and tricks.

Second, writing is fun! I can sit down and let my thoughts spill out onto the computer screen, (my handwriting is awful, as my wife will attest, so writing on paper is a bad idea). It allows me to be creative, and I have been looking for the right creative outlet for years. I tried some strange stuff to satisfy that creative urge. Anyways, on to the last reason why copywriting is great.

Third, I get to help people. From solopreneurs, (that's a word I had never heard before), to small business owners, to marketing directors at large companies. I can work with them to solve problems and help their businesses achieve their goals. Not to get into the Enneagram or personality test lingo, but that is right up my alley.

So here I am just two months after finding out what a copywriter does, and I am all in on being one myself. If you have made it this far, I will reward you for sticking around by listing some things that make me happy to help you get to know me!

-The Office

-Most foods involving Buffalo flavoring

-Reading (Lord of the Rings is the top choice)

-Watching movies (same franchise as above is the top choice, also Star Wars, and Christopher Nolan movies)

-Tent camping


-Syracuse Basketball

-Golfing consistently inconsistently (that makes sense if you ever golf)

-Frisbee and basketball

Going forward with this blog, I will be sharing helpful things like marketing tips, advertising tricks, and other things that will get you thinking about how to grow your business. Hopefully, these little slices of informative pie will help you achieve the goals you have for your brand!

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